looksharp Script for mIRC


  • Real time chat with friends
  • Highly customizable
  • Lot of options
  • Rich Front-End
  • Many theme skins
  • Protection and Security
  • English and Spanish languages
  • IRC/IRCX/IRCd compatible
  • Features out of the box!
looksharp Script for mIRC Screenhoot

Download looksharp Script for mIRC!

looksharp is a script for mIRC developed since year 2000 focused on security an high end front-end to enhance user IRC experience. It's still used and claimed by thousands of people around the world.

Latest looksharp version is 3.1 AE2 and is available in english and spanish languages. (to download spanish version pick up here)

This is the codenamed "endurance" package released at 2018 which comes with many theme-skins ready to use from installation scratch.